February 9, 2015. The Escapists 2 (Switch) review "Random and sometimes clunky design and hardware issues can't sink a concept that's exhilarating when it comes together." The Escapists makes breaking out of prison as hard as nails, yet soft as taffy. The Escapists 2 is a really fun game. There are no real "heroes" in the game, with players taking the role of a … Review by Dan Whitehead, Senior Contributor, Eurogamer.net Updated on 13 February 2015. Details . The Escapists 2 is simply a better game than The Escapists in every conceivable way. The Escapists Review. Grim Dawn - Review. Ranging from taking control of a surgeon to even a goat, these simulators have been relatively simplistic, but still fun. 8.7. When played in their natural sequence, that wouldn't have been so obvious or problematic. That said, if you have a friend to play with or a find a really good player online, things will go a bit easier. Feb 10, 2015 5:46pm. It can be a hard game; Escapists doesn’t hold your hand (though you can make a phone call for hints). Publisher Team 17 … The Escapists 2 is a solid improvement over its predecessor, and a fun prison escapade in its own right. Good. The Escapists review Cell out. The Escapists Review. May 31st, 2015 by Dean James. Reviewed on: PC; XONE; The Escapists is a thrilling game that challenges you to break out of prison in a number of different ways. New ways to escape! The Escapists 2 isn’t perfect … Simulator style games have become a very popular genre over the last few years, with a wide variety of offerings out there for gamers. More Reviews by Richard Cobbett. Player Reviews. Xbox One, Pc. The Escapists Review by Jonny Lewis on . I don't enjoy playing The Escapists 2 , which is an unfortunate comment for a critic to have to make about a product that exists solely to be played, and yet I kind of like the game anyway. Platform PC Xbox One. You’ll have to block and tie together chains of attacks whilst strafing around your locked on targets to gain the upper hand in combat. 7.6. The Escapists is a time management prison escape game that gives you the 'freedom' to live the life of a prison inmate, ultimately plotting and pulling off a daring escape. The Escapists 2 introduces a brand new combat system to make every prison brawl more exciting and interactive. Whilst The Escapists should work nearly perfectly on a PC with mouse, the switch to console has seen the usual arrow navigation replaced by a somewhat clunky highlight and press system. The Escapists 2 (Switch) Review The Escapists 2 , developed and published by Team17, offers the ability for players to orchestrate their own fantastical escape plans. 8.3. Developer Mouldy Toof Studios. Parents need to know that The Escapists 2 is a prison escape strategy game available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, as well as Windows, Linux, and Mac-based computers. While all of its parts don’t come together in the most ideal manner, busting out of prison remains a blast when you finally manage to conquer the obstacles set against you. The Escapists Review. Make sure your visit the gym first to build up those muscles!

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