for Adervertisment call us : 044 42133377. And We can impress Mahadev if we chant with dedication. 2,383 total views, 2 views today. By chanting in three times of Sandhya daily, You get inner peace, improved eyesight and intelligence. Lord Shiva; Love, Marriage & Relationship; Ask Your Question; Discussion Forum. Mahadev provides him job success, knowledge and health as it is best for him. Our illness can’t stay in body because Mahadev protect us. We pray them for spiritual supernatural power. You will get success in everything by powerful Shiva mantra, a Mahadev mantra. It describes glory of Supreme God. You will become fearlessness and overcome to all fear. It protect us from rahu, ketu problems. Prayer start from name Chandrashekhara, and request Lord Shiva to protect us. Reciting will help you to get health, good luck and spirituality. At end Shankar Stotram says, one will become free from all sins and fears by chanting it regular. You can chant it at Temple during morning time. They will definitely give you money and whatever job you need, any wish you have will be fulfilled by Rudra. Names of Shiva are Mahadev and Rudra. While abhishek on Shivling, use bilvashtakam as Shiva abhishek mantra. Tandav stotram is called as Shiva success mantra because it is recited by Ravana, and he get blessing. Puja is worship in which we give lotus to Shivlingam and give water by visualization. Black magic and negative energy can’t do anything, if we chant daily 9 times, 11 times or 108 times. It help to get a mind which has no negative thought. If you are job seeker and want career immediately, you get your desired carrer in short time. Mahimna Stotram is must read for pleasing and getting blessing from Supreme Shankar. Why? Shiva Mantra: 21 Powerful mantras for Success, job, wealth. Mantra also has scientific benefits which is proven by science. Shri Shankaracharya write and chant this mantra. When we chant mantra, thousands of thought become one thought. We get job success, knowledge and health. It will change the subconscious mind. Shivastavah is found on temple near Java island. But by devotion, our life filled with eternal happiness. Markendaya rishi free from death. Our body become near to painlessness state. Shri Vishnu, Brahma and Devtas worship to Shivlingam. You can chant during meditation and yoga as shiv yog mantra. Lord Rudra is mentioned by Girish, Ganesh, Shankar, Shambhu, Mahakal and other various names. Meaning of ashtakam in English is eight. As a result, A good job is a first thing to get ladder of success. Because it is prayer for God Shiva, it provide unbelievable success by chanting only. Regular japa result in incredible effect and experience. They will definitely give you money and whatever job you need, any wish you have will be fulfilled by Rudra. In our every work, we have help from God. It is know as panchakshari mantra without Om. So it is known as Rudra Mantra and Mahadeva Mantra. Because he get all knowledge of Vedas, Purana and even about world. For quick effect, chant everyday 21 times or 11 times with pure devotion. Your whole life is completely different from a moment when you start chanting and surrender yourself to Lord. If you want to travel in foreign countries, you get foreign travel. If Mind is toward God, it give incredible effect. As Ravana speak stotra, it is effective for everything. Lingastakam is ultimate prayer for shivlingam, the formless type of God. It helps in getting government jobs and best career. In Shivloka, we meet Lord Shiva. Chant this mantra daily 108 times for 21 … However, all other mantras can be recited too. It help to get a mind which has no negative thought. Our intelligence and thinking capacity will radically improved. By Mahadev’s divine protection, we will protected from all diseases. While it take 15-20 minutes for chanting but has an power which is impossible to get by other way. Because sanskrit for word “worship” or “prayers” is upasana, it is known as shiv upasana mantra. This Kamakshya Shabar Mantra is helpful in finding the best job for you especially a government job. It make shield around us that ghost and pishacha never appear. Because you automatically get money and become rich. Mahadev is reason for everything happens in the world. Because chanting help to achieve higher consciousness, it remove anger and sadness from our mind. Your email address will not be published. Om Namah Shivay is one of the most powerful mantra of Lord Shiva. They are earth, sun, air, sky and, nature.

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